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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Prayer for filming/testmonial thank you!

Hi, friends,
Just asking for a quick prayer today. A camera man, Michael, will come at 1:30 pacific time and tape me talking about Rest Ministries, etc. Then my husband and son will come home later for a few minutes of filming. Then Michael and I will go over to a HopeKeepers group to talk to some people.
           I’m very excited, but also a little nervous. I had someone clean the house yesterday, so now just have to move the pile of toys to the garage. Lord willing, he will NOT ask to film the cupboards of books in the garage. I cleaned the office the whole 3-day weekend from top to bottom for the first time in years. The cat spreads out on the floor and stretches because it’s the first time she can (and then she races me to my chair, the little stinker.)
My hair is all one color for the first time in years too! (Go to the beauty schools! They did it for 4 ½ hours, guess I was in bad shape, huh?) I’m going to tweeze the eyebrows and glue on my fingernails. And figure out what shirt doesn’t make me look washed out or my face too round.
         So know when you see the video some day…. It’s me… with a  little bit of help J I want it to be as timeless as possible, and I wish my face was thinner, but it’s GOD’S story that needs to be told—not how many gray hairs have come in during the last 2 months.
The testimonials I’ve received have left me sitting her crying as you all poured out your hearts. THANK YOU!! And seeing all of your photos has been such a blessing too. Please keep sending them. I am putting together a big scrapbook of all of our news coverage, your testimonials, etc. for the future. And reading the emails I know that though this was a ministry “I put together” I don’t know 90% of what God is doing most of the time. He’s working in so many of your lives through other volunteers in our ministry. He ensures people are prayed for, loved, given encouragement, and I couldn’t even begin to do a small percentage of what is needed. We get 70,000 people to our web site every month. Isn’t that INCREDIBLE?? And you all keep it going!!
Some of you have asked about the video. It will be about 4-5 minutes, once it’s all produced. It will be shown at on March 17th at Hope Church at Vista, CA  and I will be there with a table, etc. to talk to people afterwards. A few other ministries will also be featured. Michael is KINDLY giving us everything free of charge to use in any way we wish. So we’ll likely put the video up on the web site for anyone to watch. And also have it on DVD for pastors/church leadership to be able to review if they are considering wanting to start a HopeKeepers group, etc. We’ve been trying to collect footage from HopeKeepers groups and I’ve received audio from 1 group so far. You can read more about this ministry and their project that they are filming us, Christ Alive at It says it’s “A Christian unity event centered on a broadcast-quality, TV-style program that shows the stories of Christians who do the hard work every day building the Kingdom of God in San Diego County.” And God just set it up that Michael called me “out of the blue…” Amazing!
I’m hoping seeing the DVD will encourage groups to send me stuff in the next few months and then we will have someone produce a new longer DVD from that footage as well as Michael’s extra footage. He said we can use anything. Which is so generous. We could have been charged thousands of dollars for that…
So anyway! I will keep you posted when the video is up. I don’t think we can have anything until after it’s shown the 17th of March. And if you live in the San Diego area, I’d love to have you come!

Lisa Copen

Rest Ministries


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