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Our country needs your joy

Here is some food for thought…Womanflag

Spiritual health is important… not a big surprise to those of us who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Even when we still live with illness and have yet to experience being healed, it’s not hard to admit that when our spiritual life and relationship with Christ is on track, we feel more fulfilled and therefore better able to cope with our illnesses(es) and all the side effects that accompany them.

I know personally, that even when my body is wiped out and aching (like now) my passions for God and the ministry He has called me to, keep me going. Which means, I keep moving, I keep lugging boxes to the post office (that I shouldn’t be carrying, but oh well.)  That’s not to say every day is easy, or even comfortable. We still struggle. but our faith gets us through the ups and downs.

Why should our country be any different?

National news just put out the headline, "Health of nation depends on spiritual health, Gallup Poll says."

  • According to a Jan. 30 Gallup Poll, almost two-thirds of Americans say the overall health of the nation is “heavily dependent on spiritual health.”
  • Another 77 percent say the economy also depends on the country’s spirituality.
  • Of those surveyed, 43 percent were Democrats, 41 percent were Republicans and 13 percent were independents. (EP News)

Don’t ask me why they felt the need to ask people that took the poll what political affiliation they were, but interesting enough it the results were rather well-balanced. Everyone it seems believes our country needs God. . .or at least, they believe they need something "spiritual."

I haven’t didn’t see the Oprah show that aired February 8, but evidently it was a special about the film, The Secret. Marsha West writes on her blog Patriots and Liberty, "Due to popular demand a follow-up will air on February 16. The feature length movie was released last year and is ‘so powerful that it can change the course of your life.’ The Secret is now offered on DVD. The producers promise that it’s the secret to everything, “the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted.”

You can read more about it here if you’re interested.

She finishes the article by saying, "Every week 49 million viewers get their marching orders from Oprah, and that includes many Christians. Oprah is not a Christian. Far from it. Oprah Winfrey is steeped in New Age Spirituality. What’s baffling to me is that when she recommends a book on ‘spirituality’ hordes of self-professed Christians rush to their local bookstore to purchase it. (Hopefully not a Christian bookstore.) And Oprah isn’t the only celebrity promoting the DVD. Larry King calls The Secret the “most profound information he has run across in 40 years.” Winfrey and King have helped put the DVD in the #1 position on And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, folks. Those who are reading this article have all the facts they need to assess the merits of the film. The discerning Christian will not purchase the DVD."

Despite how much I’ve loved watching Oprah over the years, it’s saddened me to see her searching deeper and deeper into New Age resources to mix with her childhood Christian faith, to form a sort of religion of her own. No one but her and the Lord really know what she believes. But at a time when polls show "Our country needs spirituality in order to be healthy" it’s unfortunate that books and movies like The Secret are feeding this need.

Christians are trying… we’re airing mainstream movies like The Last Sin Eater, now at theaters. Based on the name, you may be surprised about the message. (You can read a review at Christianity Today with the link above.)  But still. . . as individuals it’s never been more vital to step out of our comfort zone and make a difference. And guess what? WE HAVE THE REAL SECRET! And it’s not in any book but the Bible.

If you have a chronic illness you’re in a unique position to witness to many people – especially if you still love the Lord DESPITE the fact that you are still ill. The many medical professionals we come into contact with, the nurses, the receptionists, the pharmacists, the patients in the waiting room, the people in line at the pharmacy, all our searching.

Whether it’s starting a conversation or wearing a Invisible Illness T-shirt (someone recently wrote to me about how her t-shirt started a conversation in line at the pharmacy!) we CAN make a difference. It’s a joy to fellowship with other believers and encourage one another. But when you step out into the real world of waiting rooms and hospital rooms, don’t forget to take the joy of the Lord with you, despite how you may be feeling.

Our country’s "health" depends on it!



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  maycin wrote @

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for addressing the issue of Oprah Winfrey and “The Secret” I have a Christian friend who was very excited after viewing the first show. I am not an Oprah show fan but just happened to catch the follow-up show. I, too, am dismayed by the Christians who do not have discernment for this type of programming. I can see why some are lead astray because “the secret” stresses some aspects of Christianity such as forgiveness, lack of jealousy, etc. Oprah was even quoting a Psalm on the show. There is one way Christians can counteract this new age philosophy. Join the Oprah Show message boards and explain gently and lovingly why you believe as you do. Thank you again for your excellent article.

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