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Stem Cell Research

Hi, friends!

I just wrote a long wonderful (I’m not really objective) blog on the topic of how important it is to be aware of both sides of the fence on the subject of stem cell research. And zap! Satan took it! (See, I told you it was wonderful…)

My point is that regardless of where you may stand on the issue, or the confusion you may feel ("what if it would heal me?") I think Joni Eareckson Tada’s viewpoint is required reading.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the article below which is posted on (always interesting to know what pastors talk about on their message boards too, huh?)

Stem cells: A view from a wheelchair
by Joni Eareckson  Tada
Read more here

Lisa Copen, Director, Rest Ministries, Inc.

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  james nyandwaro wrote @

Dear servant of God
I hope you are all well in the Lord’s vine yard.Thank you very much for the wonderful word of God expressed in your website.Am so touched and rencouraged by your website.We are the independent fellowship which started after my salvation.We are not affiliated to any church.Please help us to grow spiritually in Jesus Christ so that we may be able to teach others.Drop us a note if it has pleased you.
Yours Brother James

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