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Lisa Copen, Founder of Rest Ministries which serves the chronically ill, shares about mothering, illness, ministry and more.

Thank you for your prayers

Hi, friends,

It’s 12:20 a.m. on Monday and I am up and wanted to take a chance to say thank you so deeply for all your kind loving prayers.

Friday we made it to the Wiggles concert. Josh was very excited and then more thrilled when Daddy showed up. When a couple of the guys walked up into the crowds with spotlights you would have thought it was… well… I don’t know… Elvis? (but that is dating myself) it was definitely THE rock concert for toddlers. Josh left with Daddy and I finally got out of the arena area ½ hour later.

I made it to the suburb where the church was and had about 15 minutes… so I did something silly. I went and bought stick-on fingernails. I’ve had fake nails for years, but became allergic to the glue last fall and I hate speaking and waving my hands around with little stubs. When you have to wear ugly shoes, there’s something about having nails that look decent even if they aren’t real. J

As I pulled out of the lot a gal was standing there w/ a sign asking for anything that could help her family. I did the “look a bit” and “look away.” I pulled out into the street and thought “how much cash do I have?” I had a wad of about 8 or 9 $1 bills. I circled back around the lot and grabbed the cash, and jumped out of the car and got the book, “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows.” I was going to have a book table so had books with me. I grabbed a magazine and also some “verse cards” I was going to use during my presentation.

I drove back up and rolled down my window and called her over. Cars behind me honked. I said, “This is all the cash I have with me right now. I’m on my way to speak at a church and I realized I had no business doing that and not coming back to offer what I could.” She seemed very thankful and surprised. I said, “I’m a Christian so this is a Christian magazine, a great book, and some scriptures. I don’t know your story, but I will pray for you. We’re all just a few weeks away from standing here with you.”

She said thanks and I said, “I will pray for you,” and drove off. Later (and it’s bugged me all weekend) I didn’t ask her name. God knows it but I wanted her to know I CARED about what her name was. WHO she was, not just “what” she was (someone on the street). I’m going to drive by this week to see if she is there. For some reason I just want to give her more, a bag of groceries or something. I don’t tell you this for my glory. The Lord DOES know those I’ve driven past. But… Well… God CAN use anything, even vanity of getting fake fingernails.

I shared my testimony a bit at church. I should have the presentation on the web site to order in about 2 weeks as a CD. The topic was “what happens when God doesn’t heal…” I hoped God was working through me, shining through all my cracks. Afterwards people came up and said, “My wife cried your whole presentation,” “how can I get this tape for my daughter,” “I’m a hospital chaplain and we need to connect.” One gal said, “I have fibromyalgia and would like to volunteer for you whenever I can.” (Praise the Lord.)

God sent angels to help with boxes, to “work” the book table, to bring me comfort.

I’ve been beat all weekend. I felt badly I didn’t go to church today. This new drug I am on is making me moody but at least I sleep. But last night I didn’t sleep either, AND was flaring from not sleeping, and then moody too. My husband has been a gem and taken care of Josh 24/7 this weekend. They ran back from the Wiggles concert to go to Joshua’s first “open house” at nursery school.

None of us know what God has planned for our lives. At the end of the presentation I talked about how we need to have a NEVERTHELESS attitude, just as Jesus did the night before his arrest, just as the disciples did when they didn’t catch fish and Jesus said to throw the net on the other side of the boat. I had everyone say out loud (at the same time) one frustration, fear, annoyance and then say NEVERTHELSS,Oh, what a wonderful God we have! How great are his riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his methods!” Romans 11:33

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift me up and my family, as we sort through some of Joshua’s challenges.

And please pray for the ministry as a whole. Right now I know Kay (devotional coordinator) is going through a lot of pain, Anne (Share and Prayer coordinator) has just had to move from financial reasons and Joy (my proofreader) is also having to move due to financial struggles, Pat, who just had knee replacement surgery. Forgive me for those I’ve not yet heard about or have just forgotten at this hour.

But these are just the few big worries of people within our body that I’m aware of during this weekend. Please pray that God continues to meet ALL the needs of these people, financial, physical, and emotionally/spiritually. You are all such fighters! Never giving in to Satan’s attempts to discourage or dishearten. You keep me going one day at a time too.

On a bright note, the magazines SHIP THIS WEEK! Hurray!! We will also have plenty extra so if you have a support group, a church faire, a health fair in your community, however you think you can use them I want to get many more out there. I also have “waiting room copy-please do not remove” stickers, if you want any of those. I can give you the magazines for free, if you can help in anyway with postage donations, that’s where the costs really come in. $5 covers about 12 magazines. $10 covers up to 40. So think about any events you may want them at or pastors, doctors, etc. who would want some and we will get them to you.

I think I may also have someone lines up to do audio versions. Those will be available like a regular subscription sent to you each time on a CD ($17.97 but not buy 1 get 1 free.)

We’re running OUT OF back issues and getting a lot of questions about these. We will be soon doing a “best of” HopeKeepers Magazines as PDFs on CD.

I’m trying to figure out your needs and meet them, so in the next couple of days I will have a new poll–this will help me know what quantities to order, etc.

I have lots to keep sharing… but will try to get out HopeNotes this week with it in there! Thanks so much for your prayer support. It’s getting me through every day.

Lisa Copen
Rest Ministries Director
HopeKeepers Magazine Editor


  Jayne wrote @

Wow~ Thank you, Lisa for the report and the encouragment it brings. God is so good.
You definitely add your own special color of sunshine to the world!! I’m blessed!!
Love & Prayers!!

  Jayne wrote @

PS ~ How can I get magazines with “please do not remove” stickers for doctor’s offices?….I would be happy to pay for postage ~ $5 for 12 magazines. Just let me know! Thanks!!

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